5 Reasons Why You Hate Computer Science

Why You Hate Computer Science

Being educated is nothing short of a requirement to ensure one’s future. Although we’ve heard a lot of inspiring stories about college dropouts making big names for themselves, the assurance a College Diploma brings always makes the difference. In a world where qualifications play a big role in getting hired or getting a decent job, it is imperative that you start thinking about what course to take as early as high school.

However, did you know that Computer Science is one of the most hated career paths among students and young professionals out of many courses? This information may cost you a fortune, so if you care about yourself and your future family, continue reading.

What is Computer Science?

This course is easier defined than taken. In a nutshell, Computer Science is the study of software and computational systems that play a vital role in computers. If, for some reason, you’re weak at mathematical formulas and cannot take on calculus, then it is a must that you avoid this course. This might not be the case for Math Wizards since computational systems are based purely on advanced mathematics.

Algorithms and how they are applied to certain data are complicated stuff that only those who love numbers can face head-on. The subject of why computer science is hated by many and loved by some is but a matter of preference. For the sake of this article, though, let’s find out what the common problems faced by those who took the course then we can go from there.

1. Working in Isolation

Since most of the work done in Computer Science involves a lot of complicated formulas and computational systems, a person who chooses this career path must be prepared to be isolated. It’s much more like the work done by hermits and monks, only that those guys are into making themselves better by doing meditations and seeking enlightenment.

Computer Science is way more complex since you cannot just follow a shortcut. Algorithms have rules to follow, and this cannot be changed anytime soon.

2. Working Long Hours

Besides working in isolation, you also have to get used to working long hours in front of your computer. See, most of the challenges start from the fact that you have to work alone and for hours without even talking to anyone. As an individual, human interaction is just as important as learning and understanding how those systems work. Without it, you’re bound to give up easily when faced with complicated challenges.

There are also a lot of implications when working long hours in front of your computer, nonetheless. Too much exposure to your computer’s radiation can have damaging effects on your health. Your physical posture, as well as your mental state, may also pay the price.

3. The Coding Part

There’s an ongoing trend towards children’s early basis of learning. A lot of online courses that involve coding can now be enjoyed by kids using interactive applications. However, these are just the basics that are important for someone trying to understand computer systems. Coding can be considered the bloodstream of computers.

See, without a common language, people are going to have a hard time understanding each other, and progress may take longer or may never happen. The only reason civilization can evolve and improve over time is because of language. Coding, being the language in terms of computer systems, is something that may appear simple at first, but these systems have different levels, which also involve different levels of coding.

4. Your Career is just as Complicated as your Course

There are different career options when you take Computer Science as your course. However, this complicated subject will only lead you to the even more complicated world of computers and computational systems. The apps we use today as well as the very advanced artificial intelligence, are works done by the genius mind behind computer science.

It sounds good in a sense since you’re able to help man in his challenge to continuously advance and thrive for a better future, but what you don’t know is these guys may run out of gas soon. We are already at what we can say is the peak when it comes to technological advancement. Without the will and talent to stand out, you’ll be stagnant.

If you’re someone who aims to live a better life in the future without the burden of always thinking about how to make something new out of what’s already given, then this course is not for you.

5. The Digits are Endless

As stated in our introduction, advanced mathematics plays a big role in computer science which is why most people who are into this complicated course are mostly math wizards. It will challenge your intelligence every day as you face coding and understand difficult algorithms and puzzles at work. These sorts of challenges are not for the faint of heart; you need to have an iron will to make it through.

The problems that complex coding poses each day, however, are endless. Each solved puzzle will only open up the door to a new one. There’s no slacking nor relaxing in the world where advanced mathematics is involved.

The Good Side

Since a lot of people hate Computer Science, those who are willing to face the challenge are also greatly rewarded. They are treated like VIPs and are compensated well. Depending on your designation, one can earn hundreds of thousands per year. Plus, you also get the perks of working remotely, which has become the norm in today’s world.

So, you see, it’s not that bad. If you love money and you’re planning to make plenty of it without caring much about losing some of your buddies in the long run, you might want to take this course.

Closing Notes

Computer Science is not an easy course if you’re not a math wizard, but the challenge is not only limited to the difficult computations associated with it. There is no social life, you have to work long hours, and the problems you have to face are endless. However, the reality of adulthood is pretty much the same. Computer Science may be hated by many, but for those who love it, it will easily get rid of one of the reasons why people live miserably – money.

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